Other Sponsored Activities

Other Sponsored Activities includes programs and projects that involve the performance of work other than instruction and organized research. This includes:

  • Public service projects, such as sponsored health and/or community service projects, legal clinics and public information services
  • Symposia, workshops, seminars and conferences that DO NOT meet guidelines for instruction, research training, or research
  • Support for public events
  • Support library collections, acquisitions, bibliographies or cataloging collections
  • Extension services
  • Field trials
  • Program evaluation, which is defined as an award to evaluate a sponsor’s program or a sponsor-designated program. If an evaluation award includes actual performance of plans to improve, modify or develop a program that has been evaluated, and the majority of the work under an award is for these activities, the award should be classified under the appropriate activity category of Instruction or Research (i.e., whichever best reflects the actual performance).
  • Contracts where a unit provides a routine service as part of its normal business operations.