Subawards to Foreign Institutions

Please note that any foreign institutions that will receive federal funds need to be registered in the SAM portal  and have a DUNS number. SAM registration must be renewed annually. In order to register with SAM, international organizations must also obtain a NATO Commercial and Governmental Entity (NCAGE) code. 

  • Although Uniform Guidance allows foreign subrecipients with negotiated rates to charge that amount or 10% MTDC, the policy states awards to domestic organizations with a foreign or international consortium participant may include 8% of modified total direct costs, less only equipment.  In addition, the foreign institution must be registered in NIH Commons.    If the person at the foreign institution will be a PI on UF’s proposal for a Multi-PI submission, they must be affiliated in Commons with their institution with the PI role. 

Please always read the sponsor’s guidelines on allowable F&A costs for foreign institutions.