UFIRST – Award Modifications

  • All requests for an Award Modification must be made using UFIRST – Award Modification functionality.
  • DSP will receive the request and take the appropriate action.
  • For modifications DSP can approve, DSP will submit to C&G Accounting thru UFIRST.
  • For modifications that require sponsor approval, attach to the UFIRST – Award Modification the document that will be sent to the sponsor.
  • UFIRST- Awards has eight Modification Types
    • Financial (example: adding budget, request a temp, create new projects)
    • Dates (example: No Cost Extension)
    • Personnel (example: change PI)
    • Terms and Condition (example: update UFIRST T&Cs)
    • Compliance  (example: update IRB and IACUC information)
    • Early Termination
    • Project Demographics (example: update Title, IDC Center, Project Type)
    • Award Demographics (example: change Sponsor Name, Responsible Unit)

What to do with an Award Modification Document

If you receive an award modification or amendment directly from a sponsor please deliver to DSP using UFIRST as follows;

  • For amendments that add funding NOT originally proposed, you will need to create a UFIRST – PROPOSAL for the new funding and attach the amendment.
  • For amendments that add an increment of funding that was originally proposed, use UFIRST – Award Modification.