Advance Notice: Effective 7/1/16, with the launch of UFIRST- Awards, DSP’s NOA will be retired.

For all awards received after July 1, 2016, UFIRST- Awards replaces the NOA process. UFIRST- Awards will be used to accept awards into the myUFL Grant system and sets the Contracts and Grants Accounting activity into motion, including establishing projects with budget for spending.

Once finalized, a UFIRST- Award system generated notification is issued  to all parties, as follows:

  • Award Level:
  • Principal Investigator
  • Primary Admin Contact of Award
  • Primary Admin Contact of Proposal
  • Responsible Unit Admins
  • DSP Owner
  • C&G Owner
  • Project Level
  • Project Managers
  • Project Responsible Unit Admins
  • Project Unit Administrative Contact

Contracts and Grants Accounting finalizes the project set-up in myUFL and releases budget, establishes any cost sharing, as indicated in UFIRST-Award. Upon completion of the project set-up, the myUFL system generates an email directed to the Principal Investigator that indicates the project is ready with budget and you may begin spending.

Budgetary and Prior Approval Information:

Information regarding purpose and project type definitions can be found here.