Advance Notice: Effective 7/1/16, with the launch of UFIRST- Awards, DSP’s NOA will be retired.

For all awards received after July 1, 2016, UFIRST- Awards replaces the NOA process. UFIRST- Awards will be used to accept awards into the myUFL Grant system and sets the Contracts and Grants Accounting activity into motion, including establishing projects with budget for spending.

Once a project has been created and is ready for spending, a UFIRST- Award system generated notification is issued to all parties, as follows:

  • Award Level:
  • Principal Investigator
  • Primary Admin Contact of Award
  • Primary Admin Contact of Proposal
  • Responsible Unit Admins
  • DSP Owner
  • C&G Owner
  • Project Level
  • Project Managers
  • Project Responsible Unit Admins
  • Project Unit Administrative Contact

Budgetary and Prior Approval Information:

Information regarding purpose and project type definitions can be found here.