Outgoing Subaward FAQ

What is the Subawards Office and what do they do?

The Outgoing Subaward Office is here to facilitate collaborative research efforts between University of Florida faculty and other institutions both in the United States and abroad by setting up and negotiating subawards with other public and private institutions. Outgoing subawards are used when a portion of the research will be conducted by a third-party (subrecipient). A subrecipient is an external entity, such as an institution of higher education, hospital, non-profit organization, museum, or business. An outgoing subaward is a contractual agreement between UF as a pass-through entity (PTE) and a subrecipient that describes the terms and conditions under which the research will be conducted.

You may contact the Outgoing Subaward Office at ufsubawards@ufl.edu to:

  • Prepare a new subaward or subcontract.
  • Make changes to an existing subaward or subcontract.
  • Ask any questions about potential or existing subawards or subcontracts.

What is the difference between a subaward and a subcontract?

The terms subaward and subcontract are often used interchangeably to indicate an agreement entered into with another institution or entity to conduct a portion of the research effort under funding received by the University of Florida from an external sponsor. Subagreement is another term that is also used. Technically, a subaward is issued when the primary source of funding is a grant award and a subcontract is issued when the primary funding source is a contract.

How do I request a subaward/subcontract?

Once the UFIRST- Award is complete and a subrecipient record has been added by the department, the UFIRST-Award system notifies the outgoing Subaward Office automatically. The subaward staff will then use the subrecipient information submitted in UFIRST and begin creating a subaward agreement. After completing the subrecipient information in UFIRST, you can track the status of your subawards at any time by logging into the Subaward Tracking Tool HERE.

Please note that if the subaward was not included in the initial proposal, sponsor approval may be needed prior to setting up the subaward.

What information do I need to include in UFIRST for a new subaward/subcontract?

  • Subrecipient institution EIN and DUNS numbers
  • Subrecipient PI name and contact information
  • Subrecipient administrative name and contact information
  • A clear statement of work to be performed by the subrecipient PI
    • A scope of work provides a general overview of the subrecipient’s role in the project. The scope of work does not need to detail the exact scientific methodology or programmatic processes involved in carrying out the proposed work, but rather should provide sufficient detail in order to determine whether the subrecipient has fulfilled their requirements under the project.
  • A detailed budget for the amount being released
    • All subrecipients must provide a budget and budget justification for their portion of the project. The budget and budget justification should provide sufficient detail regarding the proposed expenses for the subaward.
  • Period of performance
  • Funding total to be released

What is the difference between a fixed price and cost reimbursable subaward?

Under a cost reimbursable subaward, the Subrecipient invoices UF for expenses incurred under the subaward and then is reimbursed. The expenses, as always, should be allowable, allocable, and reasonable and invoices should include sufficient detail for audit purposes.

Under a fixed price agreement, various milestones and/or deliverables are established along with a corresponding price for each. Once a milestone is met or a deliverable received and accepted by the UF PI, the Subrecipient may invoice for the corresponding amount due.  Invoices need not include details of expenses.The first milestone/deliverable may be full execution of the subcontract which can be beneficial when dealing with entities that do not have the resources to incur expenses for later reimbursement.

How do I add time and/or money to an existing subaward?

You can add time or money to a current subaward by creating a subrecipient modification in the existing subaward workspace in UFIRST.  You will need to provide an updated statement of work and/or detailed budget if adding additional money.

How do I make other changes/modifications to an existing subaward?

Send an email to ufsubawards@ufl.edu to request any changes to an existing subaward.  Aside from adding time and/or additional funding, other changes may include change of Subrecipient PI, early termination, change of scope, reduction of funding, etc.  If you have any questions, please ask!

The Subrecipient PI is changing institutions, what do I do?

If your Subrecipient PI is changing institutions, contact ufsubawards@ufl.edu as soon as possible.

If you plan on continuing work with the same Subrecipient PI, the subaward to the first institution will first need to be terminated and then a new subaward will need to be issued to the new institution.  You will need to supply the same type of information that was required when the original subaward was established.

If you plan to continue with the same Subrecipient Institution under a different Subrecipient PI, then the original subaward will need to be amended to note the change in Subrecipient PI.

I am changing institutions, what happens to my subcontracts?

If you plan on transferring your Prime Award to your new institution, then you should contact ufsubawards@ufl.edu as soon as possible to initiate termination of your subcontract(s).  This will allow the Contracts and Grants Accounting Services to close out your project in preparation for transferring the award to your new institution.   Please also contact Awards Administration at ufawards@ufl.edu to begin the award transfer process if you have not already done so.

If you plan on leaving your Prime Award at UF, then you will need to initiate a change of PI for both the project and the subaward with the Awards Administration office which can be contacted at ufawards@ufl.edu.

What is the status of my subaward?

The Subaward Tracking Tool is a web-based subaward subcontract management application used by the Subaward Team to generate, route, approve, and track subcontracts here at UF, however anyone with a Gatorlink ID can access the Tool to find basic information about their subawards.

To access the Subaward Tracking Tool, log in with your GatorLink ID HERE.  This will give you access to a search page that will allow you to find your subawards by:

  • Subaward Number
  • Project Number
  • UF PI Name
  • UF PI Department
  • Subrecipient Name
  • Subrecipient PI Name
  • Project Title

Information available includes a summary of the subaward, links to fully executed documents, a log of significant activity, and any special notes.