Outgoing Subaward Process and Other Information

Subrecipient Information is Submitted through UFIRST

The department will need to add subrecipient information through the UFIRST Awards Module. After the UFIRST-Award or Award Modification is completed, a member of the Outgoing Subaward team will receive notification to collect the information submitted in the UFIRST subaward workspace and create a subaward record in the Outgoing Subaward system. The subaward team will then draft the subaward document, send to the PI and department staff for approval, and obtain signatures to execute the agreement. You can track the status of your subaward by logging into the Subaward Tool.

In order for the outgoing subaward team to complete a subaward or subcontract, the following information must be included in the UFIRST subaward record:

  • A completed subrecipient record in UFIRST that includes:
    • Subrecipient PI name and contact information
    • Subrecipient administrative name and contact information
    • Clear statement of work to be performed by the subrecipient PI
      • A statementof work provides a general overview of the subrecipient’s role in the project. The statementof work does not need to detail the exact scientific methodology or programmatic processes involved in carrying out the proposed work, but rather should provide sufficient detail in order to determine whether the subrecipient has fulfilled their requirements under the project.
    • Detailed Budget
      • All subrecipients must provide a budget and budget justification for their portion of the project. The budget and budget justification should provide sufficient detail regarding the proposed expenses for the subaward.
    • Period of performance

Principal Investigator’s Approval Needed before Subaward is Released

After preparing the subaward, DSP will transmit the document to the project’s Principal Investigator for review and approval, prior to releasing the Subaward to the Subrecipient for review and acceptance.

UF and Subrecipient’s Authorized Official Must Sign

Both the University of Florida’s Authorized Official (DSP) and the Subrecipient’s Authorized Official must sign these agreements.

Distribution of Fully Signed Subaward

The fully signed subawards are distributed and archived through DSP’s Subaward Tool, as follows:

  • Principal Investigator
  • Department Staff
  • C&G Accounting

Subaward Document Available in the Subaward Tool

With your gatorlink ID, Principal Investigator’s, Dept staff and C&G Accounting may log into the Subaward Tool and retrieve any and all subawards.

Subrecipient’s Funds Will Be Encumbered

The Outgoing Subaward team will request C&G Accounting Services to encumber Subrecipient’s funds. Once encumbered those funds may only be used to pay the Subrecipients invoices. To unencumber funds which have been set aside to cover our obligation to pay our Subrecipients you will need to work with DSP and C&G Accounting Services.

Invoicing and Payment

Subrecipients are to submit invoices to UF’s Contracts and Grants Accounting. C&G Accounting will forward to the Principal Investigator.  The respective PI and their respespective grants staff are responsible for verifying accuracy and approving the invoice for payment.

PI Subrecipient Monitoring Responsibilities

Subrecipient monitoring is a shared responsibility at the University of Florida, with the Principal Investigator having the primary responsibility for monitoring the programmatic and financial activities of a subrecipient. See Subrecipient Monitoring Roles and Responsibilities for details.

Subaward Close out

A significant part of subaward monitoring happens at the end of the project period.

At this time the PI by approving the Subrecipient’s final invoice for payment is providing verification to UF that the Subrecipient has reasonably fulfilled its technical responsibilities and that the PI has is in receipt of the deliverables and reports required by the subaward agreement.

In general, the Subaward or Subcontract is consider closed upon payment of the Subrecipient’s final invoice.

Modifications to Subawards

Most subawards modifications are initiated when the University of Florida receives an increment of funding from our Sponsor. A good example of incremental funding is when UF receives Year 2 funding from the National Science Foundation. For this example the subaward would be modified by providing additional funds to the Subrecipient for Year 2 activity, add additional 12-months of time, and where needed adjust the scope of work and reporting requirements accordingly.

When DSP is modifying the subaward we follow generally the same procedures as if it were a new subaward being issued.

When a Subrecipient was Not Part of the Original Plan

Normally, participation of a subrecipient has been fully disclosed and budgeted for in the University of Florida’s proposal submitted to the funding agency (sponsor). However,  when a subrecipient was not identified in the UF proposal, prior to entering into a subaward arrangement, approval from DSP, and when applicable, the prime funding agency will be required.

Subaward Disputes

PI’s should contact Contracts and Grants Accounting Services with concerns about subrecipient expenditures or DSP’s Outgoing Subaward team at ufsubawards@ufl.edu with any indication that the subrecipient is not fulfilling its obligations under the subaward.