Subaward Tracking

The Subaward Tracking Tool is a web-based subaward subcontract management application used by the Subaward Team to generate, route, approve, and track subcontracts here at UF, however anyone with a Gatorlink ID can access the Tool to find basic information about their subawards.

To access the Subaward Tracking Tool, log in with your GatorLink ID HERE.  This will give you access to a search page that will allow you to find your subawards by:

  • Subaward Number
  • Project Number
  • UF PI Name
  • UF PI Department
  • Subrecipient Name
  • Subrecipient PI Name
  • Project Title

Information available includes a summary of the subaward, links to fully executed documents, a log of significant activity, and any special notes.