Letters of Intent for Limited Competitions

Letters of Intent (LOI) are often required internally for limited submission programs. If specific instructions for the submission of LOIs is included in the article associated with the opportunity on the Funding Opportunities page, that information supersedes these general guidelines.

Internal letters of intent are not binding (you may withdraw at any time, and the personnel, title, and description may be revised as necessary before submission to an external funding agency), are for internal use only, and have no specific formatting guidelines. They may be sent as an attachment to an email as a 1-2 page .doc or .pdf file.

Please ensure that your LOI contains the following information, in the listed order:

  • The full funding opportunity title, sponsor name and the FOA number for which you are applying. (Please also include this in the body or subject line of your email)
  • A tentative title for the project.
  • The names and departmental affiliations for all applicable UF and external personnel.
  • The name and contact information of the contact PI (this does not necessarily have to be the final contact PI for the proposal if it goes forward to the external funding agency).
  • A biographical sketch of the PI in the format provided
  • A short (one-paragraph) description of the project.
  • Any other information or documents specifically requested in the article detailing the internal process on the Funding Opportunities page.

If you have any questions about limited funding opportunities or find a limited submission opportunity for which you would like to apply not yet listed on the Funding Opportunities page, please contact Jeevan Jyot in Research Program Development at limitedprograms@research.ufl.edu.