Division of Research Program Development

Services provided by the Division of Research Program Development:

    • Consultation on proposal strategy
    • Project team meeting facilitation to clarify project goals, implementation plans, and budget
    • Management of proposal schedule and communications
    • Location of additional faculty expertise and resources
    • Planning and writing non-technical portions of the proposal (e.g., diversity, K-12 outreach, management, broader impacts, international program logistics, assessment, technology transfer, and/or economic development)
    • Institutional data acquisition
    • Proposal drafting, editing, and formatting
    • Collection and formatting of CVs, current and pending support forms, conflict-of-interest lists, and other information required from each participating researcher
    • Drafting of letters of support/commitment for UF and partner organization officials

For more information or to request our services, contact us at programdevelopment@research.ufl.edu.