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Business & Research Administrators information Network (BRAiN): mission, listserv information, contacts and topics of interest form


A DSP Reminder: Effort Commitment Entry into UFIRST or not UFIRST 


Animal Research Task Force: Town Hall Meeting Presentation

9/6/16 A DSP Reminder: Progress Reports with Detailed Budgets Must be entered into UFIRST Proposals and routed through the appropriate units for approval (Proposal type continuation).
8/24/16 A DSP Reminder: IPA Agreement Processing Guidance
2/12/16 A DSP Reminder: Carryover of Unobligated Balances
1/27/16 A DSP Reminder: Biosketch Compliance: NIH and AHRQ require grant applicants to use the “new” Biographical Sketch Format
1/25/16 A DSP Reminder: NIH announces stipend level increases for (FY) 2016 Kirschstein-NRSA awards & grant applications
1/20/16 A DSP Reminder: UFIRST: Submitting a Budget Revision
12/17/16 A DSP Reminder: Conflict of Interest Disclosures needed with Proposals going to CDMRP or USAMMRC
12/17/16 A DSP Reminder: C&G Accounting is now determining Project Budget Control (KK) Level 3 or 5
10/5/15 A DSP Reminder: Fund Change, Miscellaneous Donors Projects to Fund 209 & Residual Funds Projects stay in Fund 212
8/13/15 A DSP Reminder: NIH RPPR –  Section D: Reporting Individuals who worked on the Project
7/8/15 A DSP Reminder: Participant Support Costs
3/23/15 UFIRST Proposal System Now Live
3/2/15 UFIRST Updates
2/27/15 Cost Sharing Policy Updates
2/23/15 New! Sponsor Code Request Form
1/5/15 Revised CAS Exemption Form

FYI — Older Updates

12/19/14 Sponsored Programs Roles and Responsibilities
12/9/14 Budgeting Considerations in Light of Uniform Guidance 
8/21/14 DSP Organizational Changes
2/24/14 Changes in Requirements and Procedures for Sponsored Projects – Mandatory Investigator & Staff Training

FYI — Archived Updates