UFIRST August 2016 Updates

The patch of UFIRST updates scheduled for August 19 has been postponed to August 26.

In this patch, the following items will be fixed. We continue to devote energy to improving the functionality of ALL modules of UFIRST.  If you have any questions about these fixes, encounter problems in working with UFIRST or have suggestions for improvements, please email ufirst@research.ufl.edu

Module Description
Proposals Over the cap cost share should be calculated based on effort months instead of sal requested months. Voluntary/Mandatory should be calculated based on the salary cap instead of the salary if the salary is larger than the salary cap.
Proposals When there is an error in the initial budget smartform entry, do not reset IDC Rates set to zero.
Proposals “Withdrawn or Funding Denied” activity should cause state transition to the “Not Funded” state once “Not Invited” is selected.
Proposals The “Specify Method of Submission” text box on P 1.0 Q 7.0 does not appear when users select the “Other” option.
Proposals Update proposal module to use the new Viewers functionality
Proposals If the submitting department has OTC cost share, they do not need to approve.
Proposals If a proposal with cost share approvals is copied, those approvals should not copy forward.
Proposals As soon as a cost share approver approves a proposal, it should leave their inbox – even if the state is still in Cost Share Review (i.e for another department).
Proposals Missing hide/show box from P 1.0 Q 10.0. “If Resubmission or Renewal, enter the federal identifier”
Proposals The name of the logged-on user will now update if their name is changed in myUFL.
SF424 “Other (Specify)” rows will no longer disappear from mapping if there are other personnel with pre-set roles selected.
Awards New Allocation are being re-added to awards each time a failed integration attempt is re-tried on mods with closed projects. Fix this and when mod integrations error, do not let users retry integration
Awards Automatically send “FCOI Certification Requested” and “Award Compliance Form Completion Request”  if not completed when department hits “Submit for Review.
Awards Add validation to ensure users do not change authorized & anticipated amounts on converted allocations
Awards When training hasn’t been completed, allow record to be submitted from Pending Responsible Unit edit state into pending compliance activities state
Awards When Smartform is complete but hasn’t been submitted, SmartFrom Stop Light should be yellow not red
Awards Present warning message when trying to create new award from proposal that already has an award
Awards Fix KK Date Integration to myUFL, including if a project does not release any budget, use the project end date as the KK end date
Awards All validations on the Modification when attempting to integrate to myUFL should ignore projects that are closed/expired.
Awards Do not include inactive centers and institutes in the IDC return to center choosers.
Awards Grant Administrators of the Award Responsible Unit lack must be ablet to Submit for Review.
Awards Bypass Training activity should show in the history log.
Award Modification Separate Draft state from Pending Responsible Unit State.  Allows for separate security and tracking between DSP & campus units.  Update worklists and inbox accordingly
Award Modification Fix to converted awards to allow for modifications for ‘carryover’ and ‘re-budget categories within an existing project’.  The converted allocation will copy automatically and the reconciliation page of the copied allocation will be editable.
Award Modification Do not validate that budet release cannot be greater than total award when a carryover modification exists on an award
Award Modification When changing CFDA number on a MOD, wait until mod is complete (not real time) to update the parent award
Award Modification Create Mods In Progress Worklist & Add C&G owner field to mod worklists
Award Modification If the Award doesn’t have any proposals linked to it, then additional proposals added via modification will not copy-back to the parent award.
Award Modification Award Demographics “Changed responsible unit” chooser does not include subdivisions
Subaward Subaward notifications now are sent; Subawards created are now listed in the history log and Subaward related item posteds now posting to the related item tab