UFIRST Known Issues & Alerts:  NONE

Next UFIRST patch scheduled for:  April 7, 2017

Issues to be addressed are:

  1. IDC center allocation updates moved to an activity not modification
  2. Wherever departments are displayed on Proposals, Budgets, and Agreements, display the DeptID
  3. Make all options for selecting recipients of the Send Email Activity consistent across Proposal, Award, and Mod.
  4. Effort Commitments for one month based on days and therefore a 28 day or 31 day month might display as 0.98 or 1.02 months
  5. Allow Award Modification to change more titles and demographics
  6. Award Mod page 1.0 add Internal Notes box separate from Modification Description field
  7. Expand “mod type detail” column in Award Workspace Modification tab and correct title on “net dollar change” column
  8. Allow expanded DSP authority to remove protocols when entered incorrectly
  9. When DSP notes “Sponsor Approval Received” on a modification, send to DSP Review not C&G Review
  10. Correct Project Details table and Budget Release amount to include Indirect Manual Adjustment Amount
  11. Correct that Project Units changed on a mod revert back to the old project unit once a subsequent mod is completed
  12. Allocations selected to be made perm should be automatically unselected once the temp-made-perm question is set to “no”.
  13. Attachments tab – “Uploaded By” column needs to show the most recent uploader instead of the original one.
  14. Allow DSP to move attachments between internal and official on Award Modifications.

Future patches scheduled:

April 14, 2017

  1. Complete overhaul of the subawards functionality
  2. Award Modifications: new temp option on the increase funding selection on Page 3.1 Q 1.0
  3. Award Modifications: new projects created on modifications link to myUFL activated

May 12, 2017

  1. Inbox will be separated into “do” lists and “watch” lists
  2. Update inbox when departmental personnel change
  3. Budget Smartforms: make consistent the rounding, inflation impact and calculations for salary budgets
  4. Create ability to mass update people
  5. Expand Viewer role to proposals & agreements
  6. Redefine protocol exception workflow to allow DRC to manage the entire process
  7. Project end dates and KK dates when carryover authorized should reflect all allocations, released or not
  8. Fix 10 UFIRST to myUFL integration bugs


  1. Agreements overhaul
  2. Overhaul to post submission updates and revised budgets