Upon close of a trial any cash balance remaining, C&G Accounting with the completed fixed price close memo can approve the direct component of the cash be transfer to the PI’s miscellaneous donor project (Fund 212) and/or a clinical trial operations project (Fund 214) where the funds may be spent at their discretion in support of research.

If your trial has ended prior to the accounting system known end date please contact C&G Accounting or DSP at and request the close out process begin.

For Fund 214 projects, trials that remain at $0 after 24 months will be closed by C&G Accounting in coordination with DSP.

Trial Never Started?

When a trial is closed before you are able to enroll a subject, you should immediately request a reasonable amount to cover your startup costs. For amounts $5,000 or less DSP allows the funds to be deposited to a miscellaneous donor’s project or a clinical trial operating account without assessment of IDC. DSP will issue the NOA recognizing the deposit. For amounts >$5,000 please include indirects with your invoicing.  For amounts >$5,000 DSP approval will be need to allow no overhead assessment.

Contact DSP’s Brian Prindle for payments in amounts of >$5,000 to discuss indirects.