Invoicing and Payments

We recognize the Principal Investigator and the research and fiscal coordinators supporting the investigator are in the best position to know when a payment is owed. In this regard, the University allows the PI and their staff to be responsible for requesting payments, by invoicing trial sponsors.

Please communicate to your sponsor the importance of including the UF project number on the check or check information so when the payment is received it can be easily and rapidly identified and credited to your project.

Departments will be responsible for confirming payment has been received.

All checks are to be named payable to the University of Florida and remitted to:

For Fund 214 and Fund 209


Preferred mailing address is overnight to:

University of Florida
Attn: Dr. Brian Sevier
1300 Center Drive, Room 106
Gainesville, FL 32611

For regular mail:

University of Florida
Attn: Dr. Brian Sevier
PO Box 100158
Gainesville, FL 32610