Spending Authority

For Fund 214

DSP and C&G will issue a project upon full execution of the clinical trial agreement and IRB approval. A 214 project is initially established at $0.

Based on conversations with College of Medicine and Office of Research leadership, effective April 1, 2016 non-federal clinical trials managed in fund 214 will be allowed to run in overdraft.  All charges will post regardless of budget availability.  Departments are responsible for covering any overdrafts on any sponsored projects, including fund 214 projects.

It is strongly recommended that all non-federal clinical trial projects currently in fund 209 be converted to fund 214 before May 31, 2016 to allow for easier management under UFIRST.  To convert a project to fund 214 and take advantage of this opportunity, trial coordinators, department fiscal staff or investigators should reach out to the C&G Research Administrator (RA) responsible for their projects (see: http://www.cg.cfo.ufl.edu/cgteams/cg-com/ to identify your RA). The C&G RA will work with you to identify the current cash balance and create a new 214 project.  The C&G RA will communicate the project that was closed, the new 214 project number and the balance to DSP.  DSP will both close the 209 project effective the date of the transfer (without affecting cash received).  DSP will also send an NOA (of type carryover) to reflect the new project in the award system.

As payments are received and identified to a project, Contracts & Grants will deposit the check into the project and expense the full allowable F&A (holding of the indirect cost until year end IDC distribution).

As a communication tool, DSP will continue to issue NOA’s for each payment received, deposited and credited to a project in fund 214. The NOA will be after the fact of deposit and credit to the project. The NOA be distributed only to the PI and department NOA contact person. Additional NOA’s will be issued by DSP for administrative changes to the project such as: change in Principal Investigator, DeptID, date changes, or contractual changes.

For Fund 209

As clinical trial payments are received, C&G Accounting identifies the payment to a project number and requests DSP to release an NOA for the payment received.  C&G will also post budget distributed between direct and indirect costs in the fund 209 project.