Negotiation of Proposals and Awards

The negotiation and resolution of many proposal and award issues requires coordination between the Sponsoring Agency, UF’s Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP), the Principal Investigator and where appropriate the PI’s support staff. The involvement of each party as appropriate is essential to a successful award with mutually acceptable terms and conditions.

Technical Proposal

Negotiation of the technical aspects of a proposal is generally conducted with the sponsor’s Program Officer and UF’s Principal Investigator. It is the responsibility of our PI to keep all appropriate offices including the Department and Dean’s Office informed as appropriate.

Business and Cost Proposals

Negotiation of the business and costing aspects of a proposal is a coordinated effort between the sponsor’s Program Officer and Grants Office, the UF Principal Investigator, and DSP.

Award Terms and Conditions

DSP has the primary role in negotiating award terms and conditions with sponsors. The UF Principal Investigator is kept engaged in this process and can be instrumental in getting a mutual acceptable award in place.

Final authority to accept an award remains with DSP. Prior to acceptance DSP will review the award to ensure:

  • the terms and conditions are not incompatible with the University’s sponsored research regulations, policies and procedures.
  • the terms and conditions include all elements agreed upon prior to the award.
  • the Principal Investigator, IFAS or Engineering where needed concur with any non-standard or complex terms

Authorized University Official and NOA Process

Once the award has been secured with DSP’s acceptance as the Authorized University Official, the Notice of Award (NOA) process is completed which authorizes the opening of a project in the University’s financial system. The NOA is distributed to the PI, College/Department, and Contracts and Grants Accounting who finalizes the contract set-up in the University’s financial system.