Just-In-Time (JIT) Using eRA Commons

Only submit JIT in eRA Commons when requested by NIH.

Principal Investigator or Designee will:

1. Log in to eRA Commons

2. Click on the “Status” tab at the top

3. From the Status menu, select the Just-In-Time hyperlink (on left)

4. Search by Grant number, PI name, etc.

5. Click on the JIT link under the “Action” column

6. Import or enter the required information:

    1. Import appropriate files
      • For all submissions, upload Other Support for all key personnel in pdf format.
      • Only upload a budget if specifically requested by NIH. Otherwise, please leave it blank.
      • Other upload is generally not used.
    2. Enter the IACUC and/or IRB approval dates if applicable.
    3. Enter Human Subjects Education information if applicable.
    4. Import the Genome Data Sharing Certification if applicable. If you have questions about this requirement, please contact Peter Iafrate, Chair, UF IRB-01.

7. Press the Save button when completed.

8. Click “View Just-In-Time Report” to review the saved information.

9. Notify DSP that the JIT is available in eRA Commons for verification by executing the “Notify DSP of Post Submission Update” activity in UFIRST.

    • If this proposal was submitted prior to UFIRST, please email ufproposals@ufl.edu with the grant number, application title and PI name informing us that the information has been loaded and is ready for submission.

Upon notification of receipt, DSP will:

1. Review the uploaded JIT information in eRA Commons. If IRB and/or IACUC approval is required, DSP cannot complete JIT verification until IRB and/or IACUC approval letters are received.

2. If changes are needed, we will contact the PI or departmental contact for correction.

3. Once everything is complete, submit JIT in eRA Commons.

4. PI will receive an email from eRA Commons when JIT information has been submitted.