Highly Recommended Proposal Deadlines

If you follow our recommended internal deadlines your chances of missing a deadline are greatly diminished.

All Proposals (Federal and Non-Federal)

  • Submit your proposal using UFIRST to DSP no later than 2 business days prior to the Sponsor’s published deadline.

Late Proposal Procedures

  • Submitting late or at the last minute increases the Principal Investigator’s risk of missing the deadline.
  • If electronic DSP will do everything it can (within normal business hours) to submit your application to meet the deadline.
  • If your proposal is a paper submission and it is received at DSP after last call for mail (1:00 pm) or FedEx (3:15 pm) pick-ups, the PI or PI staff will be responsible for taking the proposal to the appropriate facility for shipping.

If you are running late contact DSP’s Proposal Processing Office by email ufproposals@ufl.edu or call (352) 392-9267 and let us know the plan of action.

No Review Procedure

If DSP’s Proposal Processing Office receives a proposal at deadline and is unable to provide the customary review, the proposal will be submitted to the sponsor but designated internally as having been submitted under DSP’s “NO REVIEW” process. DSP will review the proposal post submission and may request one or more of the following actions be taken;

  • Request a revised or corrected version be submitted to the sponsor
  • Notify the sponsor that changes will need to be made
  • Withdrawal of the proposal
  • If proposal is funded before changes could be made, the award may not be accepted unless the award meets UF’s standards and DSP has department chair and dean approval.