Signature Requirements on Proposals

UF requires 4 levels of approvals on all proposals, supplemental funding requests, progress reports with detailed budgets, or any other sponsored project by using UFIRST.

There are 4 levels of approval:

  • Principal Investigator
  • Department Chair
  • Dean
  • Division of Sponsored Programs

UFIRST approvals are collected electronically. Designated Grants Workflow Administrators have been assigned in each college or major unit.

Approvals are to be collected prior to submitting the proposal to a funding agency. In those cases where the approvals were not collected prior to submission, they will be required prior to accepting an award using UFIRST.

For additional Web Simulations and Instruction Guides for UFIRST Approvers and Certifiers please visit the UFIRST Grant Tool Kits.


The typical workflow of a proposal in UFIRST is as follows:

Workflow Overview