Publication Review for International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) Controlled Technical Data

Recently there have been a number of occasions where journals, conferences, seminars, etc. have required the University to certify that proposed publications, abstracts, posters, technical reports and other documents developed by University faculty, students and staff are free of ITAR controlled technical data. For the most part the information contained in these documents is the result of fundamental research and is not subject to the ITAR. However, there are instances when the fundamental research exclusion does not apply and a review of the information generated under the project needs to be approved prior to release. When the information is generated under a DoD contract the release of information requirements contained in the DoD agreement must be followed. However, if the information in question was not developed under a DoD agreement, the DoD Office of Security Review (DoDOSR) has been authorized to review and approve for release proposed publications, abstracts, technical reports and other documents that may contain ITAR Technical Data. DoDOSR has published on its website guidelines for submitters who wish to request a security review for a proposed release of information that may contain ITAR Technical Data. For more information please contact DRC at (352) 392-9174 or by e-mail at