Offices and Services

Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP)

The Division of Sponsored Programs reviews, approves, and submits all proposal documents to external sponsors; negotiates research and sponsored training agreements and modifications, including agreements where no money is changing hands; prepares, negotiates and executes subwards and subcontracts under sponsored funds; accepts grant awards and all changes to them, communicating their acceptance through the Notification of Acceptance (NOA);  approves internally or submits to sponsors requests for pre-award costs, temporary projects, no cost extensions, carryover of unobligated balances, change in scope of work, change of PI and key personnel, CAS exemptions, rebudgeting, and relinquishments. Further, DSP serves as a campus resource for guidance and answers to questions relating to your proposal, budgeting, contract negotiations, and award administration.

DSP is the UF authorized approval and signature on anything related to research and training activities.

Research Compliance

The Research Compliance departments assure that the University of Florida consistently conducts research in compliance with established federal, state and local rules, regulations, policies and procedures. This includes financial, safety, and human/animal subjects compliance.

Program Development

The Division of Research Program Development identifies and publishes new funding opportunities for faculty seeking funding. It coordinates the annual Research Opportunity Seed Fund program, as well as the selection of UF’s nominees to limited submission programs. This division assists in planning and coordinating large interdisciplinary research initiatives, and in preparing grants involving multiple schools, colleges, divisions, or institutions to support new research programs at UF.

Research Communications

The Office of Research Communications promotes research and graduate education at the University of Florida to both internal and external audiences through such vehicles as the Explore research magazine. The office also provides editorial and graphic design services to other research units.

Office of Technology Licensing (OTL)

The Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) at the University of Florida works with UF employee inventors with potentially patentable or copyrightable technologies and to facilitate the transfer of technologies created at UF to the commercial sector for public benefit. They are dedicated to assisting employees who feel they have something new and useful, that is potentially patentable or copyrightable.

Business Operations

The Business Operations departments within the Office of Research include the: