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Front row from left: Dawn Meyers, Tracy Short, Rachel Harding, (seated) Zahara Jaffer and Debbie Klassen, John Byatt, David Day, (seated) Melanie Campos and Erika Henderson, Anita Rao. Back row from left: Rick Croley, Noel Burmeister, Zettia Fizer, Samantha Wright, Lenny Terry, April Kilburn, Sara Dagen, Sharon Lu, Patti Reineke, (seated) Adrienne Padgett.


Street/Delivery Address: 

Office of Technology Licensing · University of Florida

747 Southwest Second Ave. · Gainesville, FL 32601

Mailing Address:

PO Box 115575 · Gainesville, FL 32611-5575

(352) 392-8929 (phone) · (352) 392-6600 (fax)


Meet the OTL Team

Jim O’Connell Assistant Vice President & Director of OTL 352.392.8929
John Byatt Associate Director 352.392.4979
Dawn Meyers Administrative Assistant 352.392.4684
Sara Dagen Marketing & Communications Manager 352.294.0998
Sharon Lu MTA Coordinator 352.294.0990
Rachel Harding Licensing Liaison 352.392.2996
Michelle Friedline Marketing & Communications Specialist 352.846.1685
Patti Reineke Contracts Manager 352.392.8961

Licensing Teams

John Byatt Associate Director of OTL; Assistant Director, Life Sciences 352.392.4979
Adrienne Padgett Licensing Associate & Compliance Contact 352.846.1663
Richard Croley Assistant Director, Physical Sciences 352.846.1877
Karen Crespo Licensing Associate 352.392.8933
Anita Rao Assistant Director, Life Sciences 352.392.2577
Noel Burmeister Licensing Associate 352.392.3014
Erika Henderson Administrative Support Assistant  for the preceding three teams 352.294.3940
April Kilburn Assistant Director, Life Sciences 352.392.6393
Melanie Campos Licensing Associate 352.392.4906
Zahara Jaffer Assistant Director, Life Sciences 352.294.2899
Tanya Farmer Licensing Associate 352.294.3941
Lenny Terry Assistant Director, Physical Sciences 352.392.4903
Zettia Fizer Licensing Associate 352.392.2990
Leah Manning Administrative Support Assistant for the preceding three teams 352.392.4783


Adrienne Padgett Compliance Contact 352.846.1663