Biomedical Startups

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  • AGTC

    Developing gene-therapy cures for rare eye diseases.

  • Advanced fPAT Imaging

    A medical-device company developing an imaging platform for improved detection and monitoring of breast cancer in women of all breast tissue densities.

  • Airway Assistance

    Commercializing a device for swallowing and coughing difficulties.

  • AxoGen

    A leading medical technology company dedicated to peripheral nerve repair.

  • Banyan Biomarkers

    A leader in developing in vitro diagnostic products to address unmet clinical needs for the detection of traumatic brain injury.

  • BetaStem Therapeutics

    Developing adult stem-cell therapy for diabetes and cancer.

  • BioProdex

    Research, development, sales and service of biological products for pest control and environmental protection, contract research and biopesticide consultant services.

  • CareGenesis

    Commercializing the first in-home technology specifically designed for the unique needs of the cognitively impaired and their caregivers.

  • Clinipace

    A global full-service digital contract research organization (dCRO) that has pioneered an innovative service model to serve the unique needs of venture-backed, mid-tier, and strategic pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device firms.

  • Covitect

    A bioengineering company devoted to the development and commercialization of automated systems that accelerate life-science technology.

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  • DNAtrix

    A biotech company focusing on the development of oncolytic viruses for cancer.

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  • ETect

    Commercializing ID-Cap, a powerful platform for in-body communications.

  • EnCor Biotechnology Inc.

    Developing and commercializing unique, well-characterized antibody reagents and ELISA type assays for academic, biopharmaceutical and clinical research.

  • Encephalodynamics

    Making detection of neurological disorders fast and easy.

  • Enterade

    Commercializing a medical food that helps maintain hydration and restore normal GI function during chemotherapy and radiation treatment.

  • HyGreen

    A medical-technology company commercializing the HyGreen Hand Hygiene Recording and Reminding System, the first and most comprehensive tool to definitively monitor adherence to hand hygiene protocol.

  • Integrated Plant Genetics Inc.

    A development-stage biotechnology company developing, producing and licensing new technologies for crop improvement and pathogen control.

  • Morphogenesis Inc.

    Harnessing the power of cells as tools, technologies and therapies.

  • NanoMedex Inc.

    Nanotechnology to improve pharmaceuticals.

  • NanoTherics

    Provides superior-performance, magnetic-based tools to address global markets and to underpin the research and development of current and future nanoparticle, magnetic particle, cancer therapy, drug delivery, genetic screening and gene therapy programs.

  • Nanotherapeutics

    An integrated biopharmaceutical company with a focus on development and manufacturing.

  • Nanozyme, Inc.

    Virus-destroying nanobots.

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  • OBMedical

    A medical-device company commercializing a wireless, electrode-based, electronic maternal-fetal monitor sensor replacement system that measures labor contractions and the heart rates of both mother and child.

  • Oceanyx

    Drug discovery and development from marine biology-based research.

  • Optima Neuroscience

    A medical-device company developing innovative technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological disorders.

  • Oragenics

    A biopharmaceutical company focused primarily on oral probiotics products and novel antibiotics for humans and companion pets.

  • Quick-Med Technologies, Inc.

    A life sciences company focused on developing proprietary, broad-based technologies for infection prevention and control in the consumer and healthcare markets.

  • RAPiD Genomics

    Offering DNA genotyping and data analysis solutions for applications in the agriculture, forestry and livestock industries.

  • Saisijin Biotech

    A biomaterials company engaging in the research, creation, and commercialization of biomaterial products for the scientific, academic and biotechnology communities.

  • Sentinel Diagnostic Imaging, Inc.

    A medical image analysis company that provides innovative software to improve the precision and early detection of sight-threatening retinal vascular diseases.

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  • Sharklet

    Sharklet Technologies is developing and bringing to market surface technologies that are designed to inhibit or enhance microorganism growth.

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  • Sideris Pharmaceuticals

    Treatment for iron overload disease

  • Structured Monitoring Products

    Developing an off-the-shelf baby monitor that detects infants’ breathing patterns remotely; Remmo [1], the company’s first product, will be the first patented, noncontact, noninvasive infant vital sign monitor on the market.

    [1] http://

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  • Sun BioPharma

    A first-in-class therapy for pancreatic cancer.

  • TruVitals

    Zero-contact vital-signs monitoring.

  • ViewRay Inc.

    A medical-device company developing advanced radiation therapy technology for the treatment of cancer.

  • XDG Technologies

    A biomedical technology company that has developed a compact, handheld instrument to eliminate skin tags in adults and remove digits in infants born with extra fingers or toes.

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  • XORTX Pharma Corp

    A drug-development company primarily focused on orphan disease indications which have a uric acid imbalance as well as metabolic syndrome, diabetes and diabetic nephropathy.


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  • Xhale

    A medical-technology company developing and commercializing patient-centric monitoring solutions for the healthcare industry.