Start a New Company

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Consistently ranked as a top university for startup launches, UF OTL has assisted in the launch of 193 biomedical and technology startups in the past 15 years, generating more than $1 billion in private investment. This is a testament to the collaborative relationship between UF’s world-renowned faculty generating discoveries and OTL working to bring together the elements necessary to create successful startups. See lists of UF biomedical and technology startups, and read recent startup news.

If you are an entrepreneur interested in starting a company, OTL has preselected technologies that are well-positioned to form the basis of startup companies. See Potential Company Opportunities here, and subscribe to receive email notifications as soon as such technologies become available for licensing.

If OTL and the inventor jointly decide to pursue a commercialization path via creating a startup company, then they will typically engage UF Tech Connect® to assist in this process.

Two top business incubators affiliated with the university, the Innovation Hub at UF and Sid Martin Biotech Development Incubator, provide technology entrepreneurs with a wealth of programs and resources. The Empowering Women in Technology Startups program, also affiliated with UF, provides entrepreneurial training with an aim of increasing female participation in the leadership of technology startups.

Read the OTL Startup Primer and explore more funding opportunities and resources such as facilities, market-research databases and professional-development groups.