Transfer Materials

Material Transfer Agreements

Should you decide to transfer or receive materials such as antibodies or cell lines, UF Innovate | Tech Licensing will be happy to work with you to execute a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) to ensure all intellectual property rights are defined prior to the transfer. MTAs protect your intellectual property rights when you exchange biological, chemical or other materials, including cell lines, plasmids, vectors, transgenic mice or chemical compounds with other organizations. UF Innovate | Tech Licensing assists researchers in executing hundreds of MTAs each year and can help you in expediting this process to ensure your rights are protected.  Please note: Only authorized university administrators can sign these agreements. (Deans and Chairs are not authorized administrators). To request an MTA form, contact our MTA Coordinator, (352) 392- 8929.

If you are a strong student with a background in science and an interest in tech transfer, consider a position as a fellow for Material Transfer Agreements. The office typically hires only one MTA fellow per year. Read more about the position.


To help streamline the MTA process, UF Innovate | Tech Licensing has partnered with Kerafast, a reagent company whose primary mission is to make unique research tools easily accessible to the global scientific community. UF researchers can add their lab-made reagents – including antibodies, cell lines, proteins, small molecules and more – to Kerafast’s online catalog, where researchers worldwide can access the materials with a quick, one-click MTA. Kerafast will proactively market your reagents, handle all selling and shipping logistics, and return a portion of the proceeds to both UF and your lab. For more information, contact UF/Kerafast fellow Lidia Kulemina at