ARRA Quarterly Reporting Procedures

Remember awards issued under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) contains quarterly reporting requirements that fulfill Section 1512 of ARRA.

Principal Investigators

  1. Be on alert for an instructional email from DSP about a month prior to the reporting deadline. The instructional email will be similar to the below procedures.

  2. The Quarterly reports are due no later than 10 days from the end of each federal fiscal year quarter (Oct 10, Jan 10, Apr 10, and July 10).

  3. The first quarterly report is due by October 10, 2009 and will cover the period from award start date to September 30.

  4. Below you will find guidance and the procedures we will be following.

ARRA Web Reporting Portal

  1. is the central nationwide data collection system for Federal Agencies and Recipients of Federal awards issued under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

  2. Recipients will access in order to fulfill their reporting obligations.

  3. Once data has been submitted to and reviewed by the Funding/Awarding Agency, those reports and information will be available to the public via

Who Submits the Quarterly Reports?

DSP has registered UF in as the Recipient and DSP will be responsible for submitting the completed quarterly reports to the government through the web site, beginning October 1, 2009.

What Reporting Format is being used at UF?

  1. allows three basic methods for submitting reports – online data entry in the Web browser, Excel spreadsheet, and custom software system extract in XML.

  2. UF will use the Excel spreadsheet method as provided by

Who completes the Excel Spreadsheet?

  1. DSP will pre-fill the federal reporting excel template with known grant and institutional information.

  2. DSP will then deliver to each PI of an ARRA funded award an instructional email, with three attachments as follows;

    1. Pre-filled federal reporting excel template

    2. Data Dictionary: (Generic Version with OMB Update Memo 9/24/10), (NSF version 9/27/10 ), (NIH version 9/24/10)

    3. Methodology for calculating jobs (OMB sections 5.3 and 5.4)

    4. On December 18, 2009 OMB issued Updated Guidance Memo for Reporting of Jobs Created.

  3. The PI will need to complete the remaining required fields and return the excel file to DSP’s email sender which will be Brian Prindle, Brian Miller (Main Campus), Roz Heath (Engineering), Brandi Boniface (IFAS), or others as needed.

Warning: Do not modify the structure of the federal reporting excel template or the submission to will fail.

Who calculates Jobs Created/Retained?

  1. One of the fields that will need to be completed by the PI will be the “Jobs field” in the reporting template.

  2. Please follow the methodology outlined in section 5.3 and 5.4, as applicable, of OMB’s Guidance Memo dated June 22, 2009. The relevant sections will be attached to DSP’s instructional email.

What period of time do I need to report?

The first reporting period begins from the awards start date and should include data through September 30, 2009. For subsequent reporting periods, you will be reporting cumulative data. All awards issued after September 30, 2009 will be reported during the next reporting period.

Do I have to report if I have not yet spent any funds?

If you have been given an award, you must report the award value. If you have not received or spent any of the funds, you must report “$0” for funds expended.

What are the Reporting Deadlines?

  1. We are requesting PI’s return the completed excel template to the DSP sender on the first of the month the report is due.

  2. For example; Oct 1 or earlier is the deadline for PI’s to return the excel file to DSP for the Oct 10 federal deadline DSP must submit to federal

Other Highlights

  1. The PI will not need to collect the subrecipient information as DSP will make the request for Subrecipient ARRA information.

  2. PI will need to collect the required reporting information for vendor purchases.

  3. DSP will complete the excel field “Amount of Payment Received” working with C&G Accounting.

  4. DSP will complete the excel field “Total ARRA Grant Expenditure” using information obtained from the MyUFL Grants Award/Project Summary Pages.

  5. DSP will complete the excel field “Activity Code”. For all NSF use the NPC code K. For NIH we can use NPC code of K or fine grain it, if necessary.

  6. DSP will complete the excel field “Program Source (TAS)” using the find feature in the spreadsheet.

  7. DSP will complete the excel field “Primary Place of Performance” and will always use : University of Florida

  8. UF does not need to report the compensation of the 5 highest paid officers.


Questions should be directed to DSP’s ARRA Reporting Specialist:

Brian Prindle, HSC, CLAS and Others
Brian Miller, HSC, CLAS and Others
Roz Heath, Engineering
Brandi Boniface, IFAS