Multiple Sponsor Projects

DSP is authorized to accept funds on behalf of faculty for research, training and other research related purposes. One category of project DSP may approve is called a Multiple Sponsors Project. These projects are established to accept funds from multiple sources that purchase a specific service being provided.

Some limitations placed on these projects are as follows:

  • Deposits are limited to amounts less than $10,000, unless specifically approved by DSP. For amounts of $10,000 or more a separate project may need to be established.

  • No financial reporting obligations back to Sponsor.

  • All contractual agreements (i.e.: letters, grants, purchase orders) being used must be forward to DSP for review and acceptance on behalf of the University of Florida.

  • Projects will be established based upon indirect cost assessment. (i.e. federal 33.6% MTDC, state 25% TDC, and other 10% TDC).

To open a Multiple Sponsors Project, please submit to DSP’s Award Administration Office the following:

  • A fully signed Sponsored Project Approval Form (DSP-1) or Peoplesoft equivalent.

  • If a DSP-1 is used a peoplesoft proposal will still need to be created and proposal number sent to Award Administration by email. Do not submit the proposal through workflow.

  • A description of the Standard Service to be provided to the sponsors/buyers.

  • This is a cash based project (cash will always need to equal budget)

  • For current cash received that you would like credited to this project, please provide copies of checks with all correspondence (i.e. agreement, sponsor transmittal letters).

DSP will issue a Notice of Award (NOA) when we are notified of cash received. The NOA will recognize the cash as an award and have the Multiple Sponsors Project established in Fund 209 of the University financial system.

Additional cash received (consistent with the purpose of the project) may be added to project by providing DSP’s Award Administration Office a copy of the funding letter, agreement or other correspondence and the check. The Award Administration office will forward the checks to Contracts & Grants and issue a Notice of Award Acceptance (NOA).