No Cost Extension Requests

A no-cost extension is when additional time beyond the awards expiration date is required to complete the original scope of work funded by the sponsor. We have two paths to choose from; 1) Extensions that may be approved by DSP, and 2) Extension that only the Sponsor can approve. Below describes the process for each.

If you have questions about your grant and which process to follow please contact DSP’s Award Administration Office at 392-5991 or email Dee Dee Teel at

1) For those Awards that DSP can Approve the Extension:

For those awards administered through the Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) where we have been granted authority to approve a no cost extension without agency approval, Principal Investigators, with the exception of Engineering PI’s who work directly with the Office of Engineering Research, may submit their no cost extension requests directly to DSP via e-mail. DSP does not require a Department Chair or Dean endorsement on no cost extension requests.

Examples of Awards where e-mail requests can be used

  • Federal Grants (NIH, NASA, ED, Energy, EPA, NOAA, USDA, etc) under the Standard Terms and Conditions for Research Grants (formerly known as FDP or Expanded Authorities)

  • Unrestricted Accounts (Miscellaneous Donors, Multiple Sponsor)

  • Most industry funded Clinical Trials (see Clinical Trial Extensions)

For National Science Foundation Grants

Your Assistance is needed to meet Deadlines

  • Extension requests should be submitted to DSP no later than 30-days prior to the grant’s current expiration date. This allows plenty of time to meet our deadlines.

  • Upon approval of an internal extension, DSP must provide written notification to Federal Agency’s Grant Officer. This notification must be received by the agency at least (10) ten days prior to the original expiration date of the award.

  • If this notification deadline is missed, DSP may not exercise its ability to extend the grant, without the sponsor’s approval.

General Guidelines

DSP may extend the final budget period of a project one time for a period not to exceed (12) twelve months beyond the original expiration date, as long as there will be no change in the project’s originally approved scope or objectives, and at least one of the following applies:

  • Additional time beyond the established expiration date is required to ensure adequate completion of the originally approved project.

  • Continuity of Sponsor grant support is required while a competing continuation application is under review.

  • The extension is necessary to permit an orderly phase out of a project that will not receive continued support.

The fact that funds are anticipated to remain unspent is not sufficient justification for an Extension. Awards that contains a zero funds balance will not be extended.

Procedures and Required Information

  1. The Principal Investigator (PI) must transmit the request.

  2. The email subject line should state: No Cost Extension Request for UF Project Number _______________.

  3. In the body of the e-mail please provide the following information:

    1. Sponsor:

    2. Sponsor Award Number:

    3. Current Expiration Date:

    4. Length of Extension (up to 12 months):

    5. Scientific/Programmatic Justification explaining the need for the extension of time. This narrative should be written as if you were writing your Program Officer requesting an extension. In the case of Federal grants, DSP forwards this narrative section (as provide by the PI) to the awarding agency.

  4. For any internal subprojects or external subawards that require the extension, please identify and provide the necessary information and justification similar to the above.

  5. For those grants that are extended DSP will issue the eNOA extending the UF Project/s.

  6. For external subawards, DSP will issue authorize the extension by issuing a formal amendment to the existing subaward.

  7. Submit the request to

2) For those Awards that require Sponsor Approval:

The Principal Investigator should craft a letter or email to the sponsor which provides a Scientific/Programmatic Justification for the need of additional time and should give an overview of the remaining budget and how the funds will be used during the extension period.

Letters or emails should be sent well in advance of the project ending date as some agencies require such requests be made 30 days prior to the project end date. In most cases these requests are required to be countersigned or endorsed by a DSP Authorized official before being sent to the sponsor. You may send your letter or email to DSP via e-mail. We will review, sign and forward to the agency.

It is recognized we have a variety of sponsors and some sponsor are less formal than others. DSP is very reasonable in accepting other reasonable and appropriate documentation from sponsor personnel that acknowledges they concur with the extension.

Upon the sponsor’s approval DSP will issue the eNOA extending the UF Project and subprojects as appropriate.