Advance Budget Authorizations

There are three types of special advances available to investigators through the Office of Research’s Division of Sponsored Programs:

Pre-Award Costs

Federal grants expected to be awarded under the Uniform Guidance 2 CFR Part 200.458 allow pre-award spending of up to 90 days prior to the grant’s budget period start date. Any period greater than 90-days would require the Federal agencies prior approval.

To request pre-award cost be apporved, log in to UFIRST- Award and complete the request for pre-award spending.


Request for pre-award cost should be made prior to the receipt of the grant, it is the exception to approve pre-award costs after the grant has been received.

The request for pre-award costs should include a narrative explaining why the grant needs to begin early, a pre-award budget, the pre-award start date. If Unit Financial Administrator (UFA) will electronic approve and a guarantee the department, center or college will cover all expended funds if for any reason the award is not made to the University.

Pre-award costs are only approved when it is made clear that pre-award spending is necessary for the effective and economical conduct of the project.

Temporary Release of Funds

Investigators often experience difficulties in starting or continuing personnel appointments when an award is assured but the arrival of the award documentation is delayed.

To request a Temporary Release of Funding, follow the UFIRST IG: Requesting a New Temporary Release Project



Expense Advances

As allowed under FL Statue 1004.22 (12) UF is authorized to advance funds to any principal investigator who, under the contract or grant terms, will be performing a portion of his or her research at a site that is remote from the University. Funds shall be advanced only to employees who have executed a proper power of attorney with the University to ensure the proper collection of such advanced funds, if it becomes necessary. A remote site is defined to mean so far removed from the University as to render normal purchasing and payroll functions ineffective.

The expense advance is to pay for incidental labor and research materials and services. It does not cover travel expenses to and from the university. The expense advance should not be confused with a travel advance.

The procedures for an expense advance are as follows:

  1. C&G Accounting is the responsible office to review and approve Expense Advances.
  2. The Principal Investigator prepares a Payment Authorization form (FACT 305) for the amount required along with a completed Agreement to account for and/or repay the University for the advance and a Power of Attorney.

  3. The documents are sent to C&G Accounting for verification of information.

  4. If acceptable,C&G approves the invoice and processes it for payment. Copies of the Agreement and Power of Attorney must be attached. Originals of these documents, however, are retained by C&G. A copy of the traveler’s request for travel must have already been approved as appropriate.

  5. The traveler receives the check and sends a receipted copy of the agreement to the accounting office.

  6. As soon as the traveler returns from his/her trip, a financial accounting of the advance must be rendered to C&G or the appropriate accounting office. Any unexpended funds on an unaccounted balance must be returned with the summary of expenditures. The accounting office verifies acceptability of the documentation and allowability of expenditures and prepares the appropriate accounting entry.

  7. All expense advance funds are subject to periodic, unannounced audit by the Office of Inspector General.

  8. Full accountability must be made before the Power of Attorney expires, or a new Power of Attorney must be executed.