Change of Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator

Awards are made to institutions, rather than to individuals. Faculty should notify the agency of their relocation plans and request proper forms and instructions to effect the transfer. The documentation must be routed through the Office of Research for endorsement. Due to the wide variation in procedures among sponsors, faculty are encouraged to check with Award Administration with regard to specific guidelines (207 Grinter, 392-5991).

A faculty member who accepts an appointment with another university may wish to transfer research equipment purchased with sponsored project funds. (Note: Research equipment that was purchased with state funds may not be transferred.). A list should be prepared indicating the type of equipment, property identification number, date of purchase, acquisition cost, and account number to which it was charged. This list should be submitted to the University Property Services. Property Services will check the listing against its records, and if correct, will process the transfer. Any questions will be settled by a phone call from Property Services to the researcher. Approval will be required by the department or center, University Property Services, and the Office of Research.