Cost Sharing

At Time of Award

When the University accepts an award with mandatory or voluntary committed cost sharing, the University is making an agreement with the sponsor that is subject to audit. DSP will capture the mandatory or voluntary committed cost sharing amount on the UF Notice of Award (NOA).

Contracts & Grants Accounting (C&G) will enter the amount noted on the NOA into the University’s effort commitment and/or cost sharing system, provide assistance with tracking, and provide official reporting for such cost sharing to the sponsor.

Cost sharing met through payroll and fringe benefits is identified through the University’s effort certification process.

The Principal Investigator and his or her staff have the responsibility to ensure the cost sharing commitment is met and provide C&G the necessary documentation to support any non-payroll cost sharing on a regular (preferably monthly) basis.

At the end of each academic term, a cost sharing report that summarizes the cost sharing transactions from inception of the project up to the end of the academic term covered by the report.

It is important that the PI and support staff initiate the action required to meet the cost sharing requirement as stated in the award.

Changes in any mandatory cost sharing will require sponsor approval.