Miscellaneous Donors Projects

Effective October 5, 2015, miscellaneous donor projects will be established in fund 209. All previously established  miscellaneous donor projects in fund 212 will revert to residual balance projects.

The University of Florida has authorized the Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) to accept miscellaneous donor funds on behalf of faculty for research, training and other specific purposes. These funds are distinguished from “sponsored research” support by the following characteristics:

  • no proprietary or contractual relationship exists between the donor and the recipient
  • no final product is expected
  • no technical or fiscal reports need to be submitted to the sponsor

Need a project established? Request one using UFIRST.

If a PI does not currently have a Miscellaneous Donors Project established in fund 209 in the UF accounting system and one is needed, the request to establish a Miscellaneous Donors Project is made using the UFIRST system.

UFIRST facilitates electronic approvals needed to ensure that the funds are truly donations and not sponsored programs. Attach any corresponding donation documentation with copy of a check in the UFIRST proposal.

DSP will issue the NOA which releases the cash amount into the project, which you may then spend in support of your activities.

Subsequent Deposits

Any deposit to be placed in a Miscellaneous Donors project should be routed using the new Cash Deposit Form. This streamlined form facilitates easy collection of the information needed by both DSP and C&G to ensure the nature of the funds and to quickly deposit them into your project.

Residual Funds from Sponsored Projects

Effective 10/5/2015, Residual Projects will be established in Fund 212 and managed by C&G Accounting.  DSP will not be involved in any set up or management of projects in fund 212 projects.

Contracts and Grants Accounting as part of the closeout process of a fixed price agreement will transfer residual balances into a PI’s project in fund 212. If a new project is required, C&G will facilitate this as part of the closeout process. The funds can be used to support costs of the PI’s research and training programs.