Travel charges may include airfare, hotel charges, taxis, visas, passports, entry or exit taxes, and rental cars. Most agencies require (in the budget justification section) the purpose, destination and time span for each trip, and the number of individuals for whom funds are requested. This must be fully explained, noting the relationship of the trip to the project. Sponsored research funds are subject to both funding agency and State of Florida rules and regulations. Domestic and foreign travel have some differences:

Domestic Travel

Domestic travel reimbursements are subject to the state’s travel regulations and payment rates. Out-of-state travel should be requested on the basis of actual expenses for lodging and round trip economy airfare. Meals for State of Florida employees are reimbursed using the State per diem rate. In addition, some agencies may have set fixed maximum per diem limits. Reimbursement for any trip which includes both in and out-of-state travel should be requested on the basis of as close an estimate as possible.

Foreign Travel

Foreign travel requests must specify the destination and the U.S. Department of State’s foreign per diem and hotel plus meal payment rates should be used. In today’s funding environment, it may not be possible for a funding agency to cover travel for conference attendance unless there is active involvement of the faculty in the program to be presented, and/or unless the meeting has direct relevance to the research project. Typically, for international travel, only American flag carriers may be used. The Office of Research may be required for foreign travel.

For assistance, please contact the appropriate travel office:

  • University Travel Services, 114 Elmore Hall, 392-1245
  • Engineering Travel Office, 545 Weil Hall, 392-5981
  • IFAS Travel Office, 2030 McCarty Hall, 392-2797

Travel Information is also available online,