Closeout Reports

Some sponsors require that final reports be signed by an Authorizing Official of the University. In these cases, the report should be sent to your appropriate DSP representative in Grinter Hall or  Research Affairs at Jacksonville to obtain signature and submission to the sponsor, if requested.

Final Technical Report

The Project’s Principal Investigator is responsible for timely submission of the final technical reports. Specific sponsor requirements for the technical reports are usually defined in the award package. When the report is completed, the PI may submit it directly to the sponsoring agency whether its an electronic submission or paper. On occasion and only if requested a copy of the technical report may need to be sent to DSP to satisfy a delinquent notification.

Final Fiscal Report

The final fiscal reports are due within 60-90 days after the expiration date of the award. The fiscal reports are prepared by Contracts and Grants Accounting. After the PI or designated staff are given the opportunity to review to make sure all expenditures are accurately recorded C&G Accounting will submit to the sponsor with a copy sent to the PI or designated department fiscal staff.

Carryover of Unobligated Funds: Where carryover of unobligated funds requires sponsor approval please follow the Carryover Instructions.

For fiscal reports that require a certification of charges, C&G Accounting will provide the statement similar to the following; “I certify, to the best of my knowledge, that all expenditures reported are for appropriate purposes and in accordance with the agreements set forth in the application and award documents,” and endorse it with the signature of the accounting officer in charge.

Final Invention Report

Many sponsors require reports about inventions made during the conduct of research to insure disclosure. Where invention reports are required DSP will collect the information needed, coordinate with the PI and the University’s Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) and submit the report to the sponsor.

Final Property Report

Most grants and contracts do not require a final property reports. Where property reports are required Marsha White of UF’s Asset Management Office will collect the information needed and submits these reports.

Delinquent Reports

It is important that reports are submitted on time as some agencies will not release new funds to a PI, or even to the University, until all final reports have been submitted.