Section 8 – Hiring Research Personnel

The Office of Human Resources web site is a good starting point to understand a wide range of employment and hiring information at the University of Floirda, but when when it comes to helping researchers with questions about the employment of individuals working on sponsored projects and distributing those salaries to grants and contracts, Principal Investigator’s are encouraged to work closely with their department’s HR staff person.

If you are looking for information sorted by academic pay plans, you can also visit these links for more specific information:

Clerical and Administrative Salaries

To comply with the Federal government’s Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) and the┬áCost Principles for Educational Institution’s found in the Uniform Guidance 2 CFR Part 200, Clerical and Administrative salaries may not be charged directly to federally funded project, unless direct charging can be justified in accordance with University of Florida’s Cost Accounting Policy and the Division of Sponsored Programs approves an exemption to UF Policy.


The Office of Human Resources also supports numerous Training Programs to help improve the performance of UF faculty and staff.

In addition, if you will be involved in the administration of grants and contracts or are just interested in a more thoroughly understanding of research and sponsored programs management, DSP’s Research Administration Training Series is for you!