Centers and Institutes

The University of Florida has approximately 180 approved Centers and Institutes that have been established over the years to support and promote the academic mission of the University by enhancing its teaching and research functions, by facilitating interdisciplinary cooperation and provide campus research instrumentation facilities and services.

Faculty who are members of a Center or Institute may choose to submit their grant or contract applications via their home department or via their Center or Institute. If submitted via the Center, a project needs signatures from the department chair as well as the center director and respective dean. Centers and Institutes can receive a percentage of F&A (indirect) cost returns from projects where center or institute involvement occurs. The PI declares F&A distribution through the F&A Manager Tool at the time of award.

All Centers and Institute are required to submit electronically an Annual Report (July 1 – June 30) to the Board of Governors. The annual reporting is coordinated by UF’s Office of Institutional Planning and Research.

For complete information and guidelines about types of centers, responsibilities of centers and how to create a new Center or Institute please visit the Office of Research Center and Institutes Web site.