UF Grant Rebudgeting Controls – KK Level 3 and 5

Budget Control 3 will be assigned to awards where terms of the agreement do not impose re-budgeting restrictions, the “Budget Checking” control will be set at KK level 3. Budget control level 3 allows spending at a direct cost level without the requirement to re-budget funds.

The goal of level 3 Budget Control is to minimize re-budgeting and allow investigators the ability to make timely expenditures needed to advance their projects. For example, if you were invited to present your research results at an international conference which you did not explicitly budget for you may attend and charge the grant award without the need to rebudget funds.

Budget Control will be assigned by the DSP and issued on the NOA (Notice of Award) and recorded into the accounting system by Contracts and Grants Accounting (C&G).

Examples of awards that would be assigned a Budget Control Level 3 are as follows:

  • Federal Grants under FDP Terms
  • Federal Grants under Expanded Authority Terms
  • Federal Grants under Standard Research Terms
  • Clinical Trials
  • Fixed Price Agreements (federal and non-federal)
  • Multiple Sponsor Projects
  • Miscellaneous Donor Projects

Budget Control level 5 will be assigned to awards where terms of the agreement impose re-budgeting restrictions. Budget Control level 5 will require re-budgeting approvals be obtained.

Most rebudget actions can be approved by C&G Accounting using the Budget Transfer Form.

Regardless of the assigned budget control level, grant and contract funds must always be used in support of allowable costs per the terms of the award.