Checklist for Proposals

The following checklist is intended as a guide to assist in the preparation of a proposal. Before submitting the proposal to the Office of Research, faculty should use this list to assure themselves that all aspects of proposal preparation and processing have been taken into account.

  • Is the proposed project consistent with the objectives of the department, college, and University?
  • Are all costs fully detailed, including allowable indirect costs, the fringe benefits, health insurance, and any cost sharing? Remember that the cost sharing must be validated. Increases for salary, equipment and travel costs for multiple-year projects should be anticipated and included.
  • Does the proposal involve a commitment of University funds beyond the proposed project period? If yes, has the necessary internal funding been secured to meet this commitment?
  • If the proposal contains privileged or proprietary data, has that data been properly marked?
  • If the proposal involves the use of human subjects, laboratory animals, biohazards or recombinant DNA/RNA, was it indicated in the certification/assurances section of the Sponsored Research Approval (DSP-1) Form?
  • If the proposal requires subcontracting or other collaborative activities, has a letter of written concurrence been obtained from the respective institutional official? Have subcontracting costs been included in the budget?
  • If this is a graduate training program proposal, has it been coordinated with the Graduate School? All new degree programs must be cleared though Academic Affairs.
  • Has indirect cost reimbursement been requested at the appropriate rate?
  • Is the applicant eligible to be a PI (i.e., of eligible rank and signed the University’s Patent and Copyright Agreement)?
  • Have all appropriate research personnel working on this project signed the University’s Patent and Copyright Agreement?
  • Do the percent effort and personnel salaries conform to University and agency policies? New appointments must be cleared with Academic Affairs and/or Personnel.
  • If the proposal includes graduate assistants, do the stipend rates and tuition payments comply with Graduate School policy?
  • Are the required space and facilities available without detriment to departmental activities?
  • Has the need for building or structure modifications been anticipated?
  • Are equipment prices in the budget current, and does it include delivery and installation charges? Departmental endorsement on the DSP-1 form confirms that the equipment item is unavailable within the department or college for shared use.
  • For federal budget, have the Cost Accounting Standards been taken into consideration in the budget development process?