Audits and Access to Records

All records are subject to audit and any authorized representative of the Grantor, the State or the University shall have right of access to any books, documents, papers or other records of the grantee which are pertinent to the contract or grant. The right of access shall not be limited to the required retention period but shall last as long as the records are retained.

With regard to Federal audit requirements on grants, contracts and other agreements, the University falls under OMB circular A-133 (The Single Audit Act). When a sponsor announces its intent to conduct a contract or grant audit, the Office of Research should be informed as promptly as possible. If auditors request to meet with researchers or other departmental employees, staff from the appropriate fiscal office will accompany the auditor and be available during the visit to help interpret and understand the requests of the audit. In order to assure maximum coordination of staff time and availability of records, audit visits should be prepared for as soon as notification is received.