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Requestor: a UF employee who undergoes training and is authorized to submit purchase orders for goods or services via UF’s electronic purchasing system, myUF Market.

Learn more about myUF Market at:

Or contact UF Purchasing at:

(352) 392-1331

 Procurement Card / PCard: a University credit card (Visa) that can be used to make certain kinds of purchases on goods or travel.

Learn more about PCards at:

Or contact UF Purchasing at:

(352) 392-1331

 Restricted Data: Certain types of data are considered sensitive or confidential, such as research data that contains protected health information (PHI) or student records. As a result additional protections are required, particularly if you are accessing it from a mobile device.

Learn more about Restricted Data at UF’s Information Security web page at:

Or contact UF Information Security (IS) at:

(352) 273-1344

 Export Control, ITAR, and EAR: US laws regulate the distribution to foreign persons and foreign countries of strategically important commodities, services, and information for reasons of foreign policy and national security.

Learn more about Export Controls at: http:/

Or contact the Office of Research Division of Research Compliance at:

(352) 392-9174

  Sponsored Projects: Funded projects need to be categorized into certain activities that align with the definitions provided by federal OMB Circular A-21, the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health.

For more information visit:

Or contact the Office of Research Division of Sponsored Projects at:

(352) 392-9267

Chemicals Learn more about Chemical at the EH&S webpage:

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