Industry Resources

Companies can collaborate with UF on research innovations, hire our undergraduate/graduate students and alumni for internships/co-op assignments/full-time employment, and access the university’s expertise and specialized equipment via services agreements. UF’s Office of Research assists companies of any size—from start-up to multinational—that are seeking to meet any of these needs.

UF Faculty Expertise

UF’s faculty, students and staff are engaged in cutting-edge research across academic disciplines—from arts to agribusiness, medicine to mechanical engineering, and psychology to the physical sciences. here are multiple methods to find faculty and staff doing research in a specific area.

Interested in finding faculty and staff who have done or are currently doing research in specific areas? Search for researchers of potential interest.

Student Internships & Job Placement

Visit the UF Career Resources Center to learn how to connect with UF’s students and alumni to fill a full-time or part-time job, internship, co-op or externship position.

Agreements and Forms

Template Research Agreements

These template Research Agreements are most commonly used with our non-federal (industry) sponsors.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Template Teaming Agreement

Material Transfer Agreement

The Office of Technology License Transfer handles Material Transfer Agreements

Data Use Agreement