Matching Grant Programs

UFLIPS Matching Grant Program

The UFLIPS Matching Grant Program will promote early- to late-stage technology development and commercialization through collaborative research opportunities between University of Florida researchers and high technology energy companies in Florida.

The path from the lab to the market can be risky and financially burdensome for many companies. The UFLIPS program has been created to aid Florida companies in their commercialization efforts of energy technologies.

The program allows these companies to engage UF Researchers and their teams in translational research opportunities, train and engage new talent while leveraging Research and Development dollars.

Please view the UFLIPS application form.

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For more information, please contact Janan Balaban at 352 294 2027 or at and cc: or visit

Florida High Tech Corridor (FHTCC) Matching Funds Research Program

Companies located in the 23-county FL High Tech Corridor region can both accelerate their technical and commercial accomplishments and leverage their R&D budgets by participating in the FHTCC Matching Funds Research Program at the University of Florida (UF). Companies can access cutting-edge researchers at the University of Florida across all academic disciplines—including health sciences, agribusiness, engineering, information technology/informatics, and the physical and social sciences.

For additional information, please Review the FHTCC Program Solicitation.

Please visit for more information.