When You Are Leaving UF

Other than certain fellowships, most awards are made to the University of Florida, not to individual faculty or staff.  Therefore, when a faculty member leaves the University, it is a joint decision between the Department Chair/Center Director, Dean and the faculty member as to the disposition of each award. 

In order to facilitate a conversation about what awards will remain at UF and which will be transferred to a new institution, faculty should notify their department grants support and DSP of their intentions as soon as they decide to leave.

When a faculty leaves, they are responsible for closing out the project just as if the award had run to its natural end.  This includes approval of effort reports and submission of final progress, invention and property reports. 

Transferring Equipment Purchased on Grants & Contracts

Relinquished Grants & Contracts:

Equipment purchased on sponsored projects that are still active and that the PI, Chair and Dean determine will be transferred to the faculty’s new institution may be transferred without reimbursement for the cost of the equipment.  The PI may be charged for ancillary costs such as dismantling or shipping and handling costs which should be paid for by the new Institution.  If the equipment was purchased using funds from multiple projects, the determination will be made on a case by case basis.

Expired Grants & Contracts:

Equipment purchased on sponsored projects that are expired or on any other funds will be reviewed on a case by case basis with the PI, Chair, Center Director, Dean and Asset Management.

  • If without charge ancillary costs such as dismantling, shipping and handling costs should be paid for by the new institution.
  • If selling to the new institution it may involve having the sponsor approve the sale. Please coordinate with UF’s Asset Management and C&G Accounting.

Asset Management Forms

Complete the Asset Management Form: Donation Outside the University as Part of a Sponsored Agreement.

Provide a brief narrative why the equipment is being transferred or sold.

Route for approvals.