Transferring UFF Funds to UF in Support of Sponsored Programs

UFF funds that will pay for activities that are subject to donor terms and conditions and require management, fiscal reporting or other compliance monitoring are to be transferred to a project in Fund 209, as authorized by DSP through the Notice of Award (NOA) Process, and then managed by C&G Accounting.

By establishing a project in Fund 209 the UFF funds will be separately tracked and accounted for. UFF Funds are not allowed to be co-mingled.

To Establish New Project in Fund 209 – UFIRST

Use UFIRST  – PROPOSAL to request a project be established for the UFF Funds.

UFIRST will collect electronically the PI, Dept and Dean approval needed for DSP to open a project.


  1. Short Title = UFF Fund Title
  2. Sponsor = UFF
  3. Prime Sponsor = the source of the fund
  4. Additional Information (Question 13) = Include UFF Fund Number
  5. Detailed Budget = For the amount of first payment
  6. Add a document that includes the following:
    1. A clear statement describing the purpose and use of funds
    2. A clear statement indicating donor restrictions (if none, state none)
    3. A clear statement indicating reporting requirements (if none, state none)
    4. The UFF award document, where needed for compliance purposes
  7. After receipt of the UFIRST PROPOSAL DSP’s Award Administration office will generate the NOA for the amount of first payment and distribute to C&G, PI, and Dept’s NOA contact person.

Using myPayment Solution – FIRST Payment into a newly created project fund 209

  1. C&G Accounting establishes the project number and chartfield with budget in Fund 209.
  2. C&G Accounting RA will notify the Department’s fiscal contact by email that the chartfield string has been established for the UFF funds.
  3. Department fiscal contact upon notification from C&G will immediately initiate the transfer of UFF funds to the chartfield using the myUFL Payment Solution system.
  4. Note: When processing the FIRST payment into a newly established project in fund 209, please include the word NEW in the reference field in myUFL Payment Solutions.  This will help C&G and DSP differentiate between new and supplemental transfers and prevent possible duplications.

Transferring funds to an Existing Project  – Journal Entry

Where a project number has been established in Fund 209 for the UFF fund number, the Department’s fiscal staff has the responsibility to properly identifying the UFF funds in Fund 171 that need to be transferred to fund 209 and transfer those funds to the project in fund 209 by a journal entry.

C&G will run a query to capture these journal transfers and submit to DSP on a weekly basis for issuance of an NOA.

In case of Urgent Need:

In cases of urgent need, Departments will be able to perform off cycle transfers from UFF to UF via myUF Payment Solutions.

Other Changes to existing Projects

For any other changes to an existing project; change PI or subprojects use UFIRST Award modifications. Contact DSP’s Award Administration for questions at

Good Stewardship and Positive Cash Flow must be Maintained

PI and Department Fiscal staff will monitor these projects following UF’s best practices and provide good stewardship of UFF funds. We expect the PI with assistance from the Department’s fiscal staff to plan ahead and keep these projects from going negative.