Large Grant Proposal Development Assistance

The Division of Research Program Development (DRPD) provides consulting proposal developers to support faculty producing large-scale proposals for graduate fellowships and multidisciplinary research. There is no charge to departments or colleges for our services.

Currently, the Division of Research Program Development provides consulting support only for multiple-investigator proposals over $2.5 million. (For grantsmanship links and resources for other types of grants, please visit our Grantsmanship Resources page.)

Our services for large-scale proposals include:

  • Identifying appropriate collaborators: Recommending potential UF-based faculty who may bring needed complementary expertise to the proposal
  • Grant coordination: Setting team meeting schedules, both virtual and in person; scheduling online meetings through the Office of Research WebEx account; collecting information from co-PIs and other senior personnel such as biosketches or current & pending support documents; setting a writing schedule/timeline
  • Assistance with preparation of administrative (non-technical) sections of the proposal: Gathering background information or data; gathering and/or editing boilerplate information; writing additional boilerplate sections based on the PIs’ plans; aggregating information such as conflict of interest lists from investigators’ biosketches
  • Graphics assistance: Providing clean flow charts or org charts based on PIs’ ideas and plans; with additional lead time, access to a graphic designer to assist with more complex figures
  • Review and editing: Providing editorial-level review within the office to focus on flow and compliance with the RFP; coordinating scientific review to be provided by faculty experts; formatting and stylistic editing when requested

Services not provided (departmental and college grants staff and/or UF Proposals should be consulted for these items):

  • Budget assistance – building budgets, rebudgeting
  • Uploading documents to electronic submission platforms
  • SRO – making the final submission to sponsor
  • Access to staff outside of regular business hours cannot be guaranteed

Rules for Engagement:

  1. Scheduling of DRPD staff time is handled primarily on a first-come, first-served basis. If the full suite of services listed above is desired, DRPD must be contacted early in the planning process (2-3 months ahead of the sponsor deadline).
  2. After initial contact to discuss grant coordination needs, DRPD staff will meet with the PI(s) to establish a grant writing timeline for submission and to develop a contract for service. View a checklist of potential services with typical timelines.
  3. PIs should involve their departmental and college grants staff as they usually would. Since policies, especially regarding budgeting, can vary from unit to unit within the university, their expertise is crucial to building a successful proposal. For smoothest submission, introduce departmental and college grants staff to DRPD staff involved in the project via email, with a short description of the services requested from DRPD.
  4. DRPD staff will attend any team meetings deemed appropriate by the PI(s), if available – virtual meetings, retreats, workshops, etc. – for planning purposes.

For more information or to request our services, contact Dr. Sobha Jaishankar at (352) 392-8247 or


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