Faculty & Staff

The University of Florida Office of Research facilitates and manages the university’s external research funding enterprise. The office provides many services for UF faculty and staff, from identifying a grant opportunity to managing proposals and awards and protecting and promoting intellectual property.

The Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) facilitates institutional approval for all extramural proposal submissions, accepts and administers grant awards, and negotiates contracts and other research-related agreements on behalf of the University of Florida.

The Division of Research Program Development (DRPD) identifies funding opportunities for faculty, manages internal funding programs, coordinates the selection of UF’s applicants for limited submission programs, and assists in planning and coordinating large, interdisciplinary research initiatives.

The Division of Research Compliance (DRC) assists faculty, staff and students conduct research in compliance with applicable research regulatory requirements and institutional policies. The goal of the Division of Research Compliance is to promote compliance while facilitating research.

The Office of Technology Licensing transfers UF discoveries from the laboratory to the market to make the world a better place. OTL staff are dedicated to assisting UF employees who feel they have something new and useful, with patent potential.

The University of Florida Research Foundation is a non-profit, direct-support organization that manages the university’s royalty and licensing enterprise. Other Research-Related offices include OTL and Contracts and Grants Accounting.

UF research is conducted in compliance with the federal rules and regulations that govern research.