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Transferring / New Investigator at UF

The Office of Research (OR) welcomes you to the University of Florida (UF).  Our mission is to facilitate your research at UF.  Here are two tools to assist you with initiating your research at UF.

I. OR Research Portal

The OR Research Portal is intended to serve as a one stop shop that lists of all research related units that faculty may need. Here is a partial listing of the most commonly accessed units:

Proposals   IACUC
Awards   Animal Care
IRB   Safety

II. Transferring or New PI Form

There are numerous units related to conducting research at UF.  Rather than reaching out separately to each unit, you can contact them all at once simply by completing the form below.  Upon submission, the information you provide will be distributed to applicable research units (e.g. awards, IRB, IACUC, etc).  Each applicable unit will then contact you directly to assist you with their processes and initiating your research at UF.

Please provide all applicable information to assist us with initiating your research.