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  • Energy Department Invests $13.5M to Advance Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology (EIN News)
    The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy (FE) has selected 16 projects to receive approximately $13.5 million in federal funding for cost-shared research and development (R&D) projects that will advance solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technologies. UF startup Redox Power Systems is among the companies receiving funding. SOFC technologies enable efficient, cost-effective electricity generation from abundant domestic coal and natural gas resources, with minimal use of water and near-zero atmospheric emissions of carbon dioxide and pollutants. The selected projects support the Department’s SOFC program by helping to mature the technology for commercial use to efficiently generate low-cost electricity. Redox Power Systems received a total of $624,988 for its Sputtered Thin Films for Very High Power, Efficient, and Low-Cost Commercial SOFCs. Redox Power Systems’ researchers will demonstrate a significant increase in power density in Redox SOFCs using sputtered electron-blocking, buffer, and cathode functional layers. Researchers will also demonstrate that the sputtering process can be optimized to a high throughput, low cost per watt fabrication route.... Read more »
  • Meridian Partners with Telehealth Resource (The Gainesville Sun)
    Meridian Behavioral Healthcare sees a variety of patients in a variety of settings: clinics, stabilization units, recovering centers. With a new partnership, it will be able to expand its reach beyond walls. It’s partnering with UF startup TAO Connect, a digital mental health resource platform designed for clinicians and patients. The new way of delivering care makes for “high quality intervention” that’s more accessible, Meridian President and CEO Maggie Labarta said. TAO Connect was created by Dr. Sherry Benton, a former director of the University of Florida’s Counseling and Wellness Center. Labarta said she knew Benton while Benton was at UF and planning TAO.... Read more »
  • How Do You Stop Sunday Scaries? These 9 Solutions Can Help You Feel More Ready For Monday (Bustle)
    Have you ever had a great weekend, only to be met with an achy feeling of unease and a pit in your stomach on Sunday evening? Do you dread the work week, and think about all your upcoming assignments, projects, and deadlines on a loop as the weekend comes to an end? If you nodded “yes,” you’re not alone: This feeling of nervousness or sadness that happens on Sunday nights, aptly dubbed the “Sunday scaries” (or, Sunday blues), is all too common. In fact, as CBS reported, a 2017 survey revealed around half of people around the globe experience Sunday scaries, and nearly 76 percent of Americans alone claim to experience this feeling. Dr. Sherry Benton, founder and chief science officer of TAO Connect, a UF startup and a graduate company of The Hub, offers advice on how to address your Sunday scaries in this article.... Read more »
  • Exactech’s Truliant® Knee System Honored as Winner in the Medical Design Excellence Awards (OA online)
    UF startup Exactech, a developer and producer of bone and joint restoration products and biologic solutions for extremities, knee and hip, announced that the new Truliant® Knee System has been selected as the Silver Award Winner in the Implant and Tissue Replacement Products category of the 20th Annual Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) competition. Winners in this leading medtech industry awards program were announced earlier this month in New York. Exactech’s Truliant Knee System is a comprehensive platform of implants and instrumentation designed to address the remaining clinical challenges of total knee replacement. Leveraging Exactech’s core principles and advanced design philosophies, Truliant is supported by ExactechGPS® guided personalized surgery and is developed to help surgeons deliver reproducible clinical outcomes in a streamlined procedure.... Read more »
  • Explain Your Brain: New Breakthroughs In TBI Science For Veterans (
    (This post on discusses traumatic brain injury and calls the blood test that indicates TBI created by UF startup & Sid Martin Biotech graduate Banyan Biomarkers “great news.”) If you’re a veteran with a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, you know how frustrating it can be. With a range of types and severities, TBI is one of the most common military injuries, especially in the last two decades. At higher severities, relearning everyday tasks can be difficult. At any severity, physical symptoms such as headaches, trouble sleeping, memory lapses and depressed mood are an unwelcome intrusion on everyday life and recovery. The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC) reports that over 375,000 veterans have suffered a TBI since 2000, and that TBI is currently estimated to affect over 20,000 military personnel per year. Most of them are classified as “mild,” meaning the affected person had a concussion rather than a direct injury.... Read more »

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