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Startups in the News

  • ViewRay is “Best-Performing Company” in Ohio on Forbes List (Dayton Business Journal)
    A Cleveland company based on UF research was listed as the best performer in Ohio on Forbes magazine’s list, “Best Performing Company in Each State”. ViewRay also posted the best rate of return of any company on the list: 3,700 percent between June 8, 2015, and June 8, 2016. ViewRay designs, manufactures and markets the MRIdian radiation therapy system.... Read more »
  • NVerpix Wins Best Prototype Award for Its CNT-Based OLET Displays
    The nVerPix team presented its CNT-based OLET display technology at the Society for Information Display Conference (SID Display Week 2016), and won the “best prototype” award. The UF startup launched In 2011 with funding from Nanoholdings.... Read more »
  • Inventor Says Fame Is Fine, But Best Reward is Helping Others (Gainesville Sun)
    As a microbiology professor at the University of Florida, Nicholas Muzyczka figured out a way to engineer a virus to deliver genetic material that would continue to replicate in the body. He later co-founded UF startup AGTC. The discovery in the 1980s would form the basis for most of the work developing treatments for genetic diseases, including potential treatments for eye, neurodegenerative, pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases, according to the University of Florida. For his work, Muzyczka, 65, will be inducted into the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame Sept. 16 in Tampa. ... Read more »
  • Molekule Air Filter Is Obsessed With Destroying Pollutants (The Verge)
    A lot of people who suffer from allergies hide inside their houses — especially in the spring. But your indoor air could be up to five times more polluted, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. To solve that problem, a company called Molekule is launching the first molecular air purifier — a two-foot-tall cylinder that sucks in and destroys the stuff that pollutes your air — based on UF research.... Read more »
  • Florida Biotech AGTC Plans Growth of Cambridge Offices This Year (Boston Business Journal)
    Sue Washer has a list of reasons she likes the Gainesville, Florida area for her gene therapy startup, Applied Genetic Technologies Corp. Among them are low corporate costs compared to other biotech hubs, proximity to University of Florida — “one of the best-known gene therapy colleges in the country” — and less competition for new hires. The company recently expanded to Cambridge, Mass.... Read more »

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OTL News and Events

  • A Record-Breaking Year for Moving UF Technologies to Market (UF News)
    The University of Florida’s Office of Technology Licensing signed a record 122 licenses and options and launched 17 startup companies in fiscal year 2015-16, topping last year’s total of 85 licenses by 43 percent. Officials cited a favorable economic climate, more than $700 million in university research and hard work by an experienced tech transfer staff as reasons for the... Read more »
  • The Numbers are In: UF is Good for Florida (UF News)
    Private companies licensing technology from the University of Florida infused nearly $2.3 billion into the state of Florida economy last year and accounted for the employment of more than 10,600 people, according to a newly released study of UF’s statewide economic impact. … UF boasts an active program for licensing patented technologies developed through university research to private companies. In... Read more »
  • OTL Is Hiring an MTA Fellow
    We are looking for a dependable, goal-oriented student to join our team. The MTA fellow will assist in the handling of incoming and outgoing contracts for the transfer of tangible materials in and out of the University of Florida. In particular, the fellow will assist with day to day processing of MTAs and maintain detailed and precise records of all MTA... Read more »
  • Orange and Blue With Envy (SRQ Magazine)
    When he toured Gainesville, including the Office of Technology Licensing and the Innovation Hub, a couple of weeks ago with partners in the new University of Florida Innovation Station coming to Sarasota County, Gulf Coast Community Foundation President and CEO Mark Pritchett “was blown away” by what he saw. ... Read more »
  • OTL is Hiring a Marketing Specialist (Apply Through UF Jobs)
    Are you a marketing professional who’s interested in moving research discoveries from lab to market to make the world a better place? Apply for the OTL Marketing and Communications Specialist position through the UF Jobs website! This position manages all aspects of campaigns marketing UF research discoveries to potential licenses in order to bring these discoveries to the market. This position also manages a... Read more »

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