Invention Disclosure

As a University inventor, the first thing to know is how the University handles your invention. Under the requirements of the Bayh-Dole Act and University of Florida policy, University employees must disclose all intellectual property created by them to the Office of Technology Licensing. The University of Florida will own this intellectual property unless specifically waived back to the funding agency and/or the inventor(s). In order to obtain proper patent or copyright protection of inventions, OTL urges all inventors to submit disclosures as soon as possible. Timeliness of disclosure is especially important for inventions conceived and/or made with federal or state agency funding.

What Is An Invention?

An invention is a novel and useful idea relating to processes, machines, methods of manufacture, or compositions of matter. It may cover such things as new or improved devices, systems, circuits, chemical compounds, mixtures, biological materials, etc. It is probable that a new invention has been made when something new and useful has been conceived or developed, or when unusual, unexpected, or non-obvious results have been obtained and can be exploited. We encourage you to contact OTL directly to discuss these details.