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  • Decades of Research Leads to FDA Approval of Gene Therapy in Treatment of Vision Loss (Business Report of North Central Florida)
    For University of Florida researcher William Hauswirth, Ph.D., a decades-long effort to bring sight to patients who have a genetic form of vision loss ended in success recently. A gene therapy developed in part by Hauswirth to treat an eye disease that causes severe vision loss won final approval from U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulators The treatment, known as Luxturna and brought to market by a Philadephia-based pharmaceutical company, uses a gene delivery process that originated at UF with Hauswirth, an ophthalmology professor in the College of Medicine, part of UF Health.... Read more »
  • ARM Acquires ChaoLogix for Security Reasons (eeNews Analog)
    Processor IP licensor ARM Ltd. (Cambridge, England) has acquired UF startup ChaoLogix Inc. for an undisclosed sum of money and folded the company into its security operations. ChaoLogix had spent more than a decade developing logic gates that harness the chaos that stems from non-linear physical behaviour. Back in 2010 the company was using non-linear physics to create a single circuit that could generate all possible fundamental logic gate outputs, the so-called “chaogate.” At the time the company said the development would have particular significance for data security applications. ... Read more »
  • Changemakers: Optym Is Changing the Way the World Moves (Gainesville Sun)
    UF startup Optym, founded by President and CEO Ravi Ahuja, a UF professor, is a software company that provides decision automation and optimization scheduling solutions for airline, trucking, railroad and mining companies. The company considers real life transportation problems, formulates them as mathematical models with large number of variables (often in millions), solves them through sophisticated proprietary algorithms, and then packages the algorithms into commercial-grade software solutions. Its software solutions increase the efficiency and reduce costs of large, medium and small transportation companies.... Read more »
  • Sharklet Gives Students a Chance to Understand Green Chemistry and Engineering (Kent County News)
    Through a new collaboration, Washington College chemistry students are teaming up with Kent County High School to teach the basic principles of green chemistry and the dangers of harsh chemicals getting into the environment. Last year, Anne Marteel-Parrish, professor of chemistry and co-chairwoman of the college’s Department of Chemistry, approached the science teachers at KCHS about introducing their students to green chemistry, according to news release from the college. The introduction would occur through a series of four experiments, which she and her undergraduates would present. WC senior Alex Riedel, a biology major who is pre-med, would help the students through a variety of green chemistry experiments. One such experiment included testing how well a coarse model of a material called Sharklet film can hold onto a Post-It note as small binder clips are attached to it. The broader technology they are learning about — Sharklet — is a product that mimics on a molecular level the skin of a shark, enabling it to easily repel germs and bacteria from surfaces without the use of chemicals. Sharklet is a UF startup company based on research by Dr. Tony Brennan in the College of Biomedical Engineering.... Read more »
  • RTI Surgical Publishes Data That Shows Successful 24-Month Sacroiliac Joint Fushion and Pain Reduction (OrthoSpineNews)
    UF startup RTI Surgical, Inc., a global surgical implant company, announced the peer-reviewed publication of two-year data of the SImmetry Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System in The Open Orthopaedics Journal. The data show SImmetry provides radiographically evident sacroiliac (SI) joint fusion as early as 12 months with higher fusion rates observed at 24 months, while effectively reducing pain in patients with SI joint disorders. The SImmetry Sacroiliac Joint Fusion System is designed to treat SI joint dysfunction, an underserved condition and, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one of the nation’s leading causes of lower back pain. “This study demonstrated the SImmetry System effectively promoted SI joint fusion through decortication and also demonstrated a reduction in pain,” said Camille Farhat, President and CEO, RTI Surgical.... Read more »

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