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Startups in the News

  • Why is Gainesville Florida’s Biotech Hub? (IndustryWeek)
    Moving from an economy that relies heavily on tourism to one that has a large stake in biotech is a big leap. And it calls for a long-term, well developed strategy. That’s what Governor Jeb Bush was after back in 2003. He began by using federal stimulus dollars as bait, luring the Scripps Research Institute to Florida. He next urged the state legislature in 2006 to create an Innovation Investment Fund to attract world-class research and development. His efforts worked, eventually allowing state universities and their research partners to leverage public and private dollars to commercialization of emerging technologies. All of this success has translated into financial gains for cities across the state, and Gainesville is one city that has seen its biotech economy grow by leaps and bounds. “Greater Gainesville has evolved into a region fueled by research, business and a smart, young and creative workforce that both thrives on, and is a catalyst for innovation,” said Susan Davenport, CEO of Gainesville Chamber of Commerce.... Read more »
  • Amend Surgical Signs Exclusive License with UFRF (Yahoo! Finance)
    Amend Surgical, Inc. (Amend), a medical device company focused on enhancing the regenerative capacity of bone replacement products, signed an exclusive agreement with The University of Florida Research Foundation (UFRF) to license patents for the development of Biomimetic Bone, a novel artificial bone substitute. UF researchers have developed a process for mineralizing collagen substrates using a polymer-induced, liquid-precursor process, which generates an artificial bone substitute that closely mimics the composition and structure of natural bone. This revolutionary process will allow Amend to fabricate a highly mineralized, load-bearing, bioresorbable, collagen hydroxyapatite composite that will serve as a pioneering technology in the area of artificial bone.... Read more »
  • How an Axogen Nerve Graft Saved a Marine Hero’s Arm (
    Marine Lance Cpl. Jeffrey Cole was shot twice in the arm during a 2010 firefight in Marjah, Afghanistan, after his patrol came under fire from enemy insurgents. Despite being injured, Cole continued to hold back the enemy by returning fire as five wounded squad mates were moved to safety. Eight days later, he was one of the first patients in the world to receive one of the longest available nerve grafts — 70 millimeters, or nearly 3 inches, grown from cadaver tissue — to repair his arm. The Avance graft, made by UF startup Axogen, used in Cole’s arm acted as a conduit for the injured nerve, repairing the severed nerves and eventually becoming a part of the patient’s own tissue. Aside from some loss of dexterity strength, Cole now has full use and feeling in his arm.... Read more »
  • SharpSpring and Enthusem Integrate to Help Marketers Automate and Track Direct Mail-to-Digital Campaigns (EconoTimes)
    UF startup SharpSpring, Inc., a global provider of cloud-based marketing technologies that help marketers drive more leads, convert leads to sales and optimize their spend, announced the launch of its integration with Enthusem by Prospect Smarter, Inc., an offline-to-online marketing tool that automates direct mail, personalized at scale. The new integration allows customers to leverage information SharpSpring captures about prospects — such as site visits, emails opened, or lead score — to dynamically deliver hyper-personalized mailers from Enthusem. The printed mailer could then incorporate personalized elements such as the contact’s own social media images or company branding.... Read more »
  • Optym to Develop DriverMax with Greyhound Lines (Yahoo! Finance)
    UF startup Optym announced its collaboration with Greyhound Lines to develop DriverMAX, an algorithm-based system for driver route planning. Driver route planning at Greyhound is currently done manually by planners with decades of experience. DriverMAX will encapsulate this human experience and insight into a software solution that will generate the routes of more than 1,000 drivers within an hour. This software is expected to generate higher wages for each driver, improve their quality of life, and at the same time reduce the total cost of operations for Greyhound. Optym’s proposed software solution will create millions of options of driver assignments, evaluate those options with respect to multiple objectives, and recommend the best option. Optym expects to reduce the driving related costs by several million dollars per year, all the while meeting drivers’ lifestyle preferences and improving the quality of their lives.... Read more »

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OTL News and Events

  • Thomas Maren, Creator of Glaucoma Drug Trusopt, Inducted into Florida Inventors Hall of Fame (UF News)
    Dr. Thomas Maren, a founding father of the University of Florida College of Medicine whose four decades of basic scientific research led to the development of a top-selling drug for glaucoma, has been inducted into the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame. Maren arrived on the UF campus in 1955 and continued working as a graduate research professor until months before his... Read more »
  • Search Committee Meeting Scheduled
    The University of Florida is seeking an Assistant Vice President for Technology Commercialization and a Director for the Office of Technology Licensing. The search committee meets Monday, December 5, from 8:30 am – 12 pm in 226 Tigert Hall. Contacts for the search committee include:   Dr. Winfred M. Phillips, Co-Chair and Executive Chief of Staff P O Box 113390 Gainesville, FL  32611-0001 Phone:  (352) 392-6620 e-mail:   Dr.... Read more »
  • UF Ranks Third Nationally for Licensing Its Technologies
    The University of Florida is ranked third in the nation for licenses and options executed on technologies developed at the university level, a measure of how successful its ideas are in the marketplace, according to the latest statistics recently released by the Association of University Technology Managers as part of its annual licensing survey. In fiscal year 2015, the most recent... Read more »
  • OTL is Hiring a Marketing Specialist (Apply Through UF Jobs)
    Do you love to write, edit, and manage multiple projects and students all at once? Can you understand tough scientific concepts and communicate them to people who can’t? Is your goal to make the world a better place? Apply for the OTL Marketing and Communications Specialist position through the UF Jobs website! This position works with a team of fellows to manage all aspects of campaigns... Read more »
  • A Record-Breaking Year for Moving UF Technologies to Market (UF News)
    The University of Florida’s Office of Technology Licensing signed a record 122 licenses and options and launched 17 startup companies in fiscal year 2015-16, topping last year’s total of 85 licenses by 43 percent. Officials cited a favorable economic climate, more than $700 million in university research and hard work by an experienced tech transfer staff as reasons for the... Read more »

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